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California Home Finance Authority (CHF) understands how much you want to own a home. We also realize that one of the biggest challenges when purchasing a home is coming up with the funds for the associated down payment and/or closing costs. Today, this is a challenge faced by the majority of homebuyers, not just first-time homebuyers.

That is why CHF offers a variety of housing related financial assistance programs. Choose a program listed below to view program descriptions and contact information for Approved Participants who can help you get started.  If you would like additional information or a direct referral to a participating lender or contractor in your area, you may also Contact Us.

Available Programs: (Click on the Program Name below for more details)

Program Name Type of Assistance & Eligible Area Quick Links
CHF Platinum™ Program Down payment or closing cost assistance for homebuyers, currently in the form of a grant.

Homebuyer Guide
Participant Guide

CHF MCC Program Mortgage Credit Certificate for homebuyers.

Available in CHF Member and Associate Member Counties and Cities of California.

Homebuyer Guide
Participant Guide

CHF Residential Energy
Retrofit Program
Low interest rate financing to assist homeowners with making energy efficiency improvements to their residential property(ies).

Available in over 44 counties of California.

Homeowner Guide
Contractor Guide